Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ever since school has started, I really havn't had time to write, unless it was for english class. The expectations in english are really high; my lastest assignment was to read a complex 280 book in less than to weeks. It called Ender's Game, and its pretty decent for something that you have to skim in several days.
Ender's Game takes place a couple hundred years in the future. The world now consists of two huge contries; the Hedgemon (the United States), and the New Warsaw Pact ( U.S.S.R snd other territories). Both countries have been ravenged by an alien race nicknamed the buggers. Several decades after their second invasion, the Hedgemond start monitoring thousands of "gifted" children to see if they could become great commander. One of these childrenis Andrew Wiggen, often nicknamed Ender, who is a third (a third child is frowned apond in the Hedgemond). Ender soon "enroles" into battle school at age six, and then into command school at age ten. He eventually wipes out the buggers and becomes a resident on a colany on the bugger homeworld.
The book is actually deeper than it sounds, filled with political descusions and internal conflicts. I recamend the book, but only if you're the type of person that will read non-stop.